L A Kent
Broken Dove with kidnap, stalking and murder in Cornwall by L A Kent
Rogue Flamingo with murder on the beach in Cornwall by L A Kent
Rogue Flamingo features Porthaven in the new Treloar mystery from L A Kent
Jack Osborne's map of Porthaven - click for larger image
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The photograph at the top of this page is of a stalking egret against the reflection of a red boat in Mevagissey harbour, Cornwall.

Silent Gull

It’s cold on the water. It’s late November in Cornwall; late evening. A figure clad in a wetsuit, in a dark kayak, is pulling against the inflowing waters of the tide across the River Fowey powering toward a secret assignation in defiance of an ancient powerful family.


High above the river in a medieval timbered hall, a Hollywood superstar is mourning the loss of his first born son, rebuilding his life’s purpose in a new enterprise, an exclusive, therapeutic establishment for troubled souls. But he is unaware that his arrival in Cornwall has aroused a simmering resentment and growing anger in a formidable foe.


Further west, D I Félipe Treloar is visiting his first boss and mentor in a Falmouth hospice. The man is dying, but before he slips away he has a mission for his former acolyte and a terrible admission which will rock Treloar to the core and threaten to tear apart his close-knit family, pitting him against one of the most feared and despised men in Europe.


And yet further west, an embittered, frightened old man, sits in the cold, brooding on the past and lamenting his irredeemable legacy.


When a dead child is found in the river the currents lead Treloar and his team upstream to the idyllic, peaceful setting of The Valley of the Tides where its inhabitants nurse their dark obsessions; a burnt-out chef, an MP’s disturbed daughter, a depraved young man with powerful protectors, and dubious unprincipled staff members.


As Treloar fights the growing evil, bitter rivalries resurface, corrosive resentment spills out and unspeakable deeds are uncovered, and he must look to old friends and secretive allies for aid as powerful forces conspire to protect their interests. And when Jackson Power thinks he has lived through the worst, he will face a father’s ultimate nightmare.


Broken Dove

It’s May Day, a day celebrated since pagan times to welcome in the summer.


In the wild countryside of west Cornwall, it is also the famed annual Treloar family party, being hosted for the first time by DI Félipe Treloar at Lost Farm Barn. The Treloar clan, friends and colleagues from the major crime team will all be there.

But a ghost from summers past is also coming, and unbeknownst to all, bringing madness and violence in her wake. And whilst the early guests are revelling, in nearby St Ives two young girls disappear from a holiday park swimming pool.


Who is tormenting the beautiful Amy? Is it a demented fan or someone much closer to home? And what is wrong with the parents of one of the missing girls; what are they hiding? And as the tragedy unfolds, a troubled soul is falling deeper and deeper into a personal hell.


Treloar and his Sergeant chase answers from the wilds of Cornwall to the busy streets and leafy lanes of London, and as events bring back forgotten memories and long buried emotions they are both challenged to the core. But Treloar meets a kindred spirit. And the rules are left behind

Rogue Flamingo 

A lawyer’s body is found on the beach in the small Cornish village of Porthaven, staked out with a tarred bag over its head, just as the peak summer season gets underway.  When a second body is found bizarrely fixed to the floor of a nearby building not long afterwards, the laconic police surgeon remarks ‘Well, psycopaths need holidays too’. Detective Inspector Treloar, a maverick to some bosses but a driven, committed investigator to his fellow officers, takes charge. When more bodies turn up, in flagrante, Treloar and his team are at first unsure - accident or murder?

There seems to be no connection between the victims whose murders are violent and sexual, with escalating viciousness.  What is going on? Could they have brought their fate with them; festering secrets from the past? Could either of the two mysterious men staying at the camp site be involved? Is it one or more doing the killing?  What about the rabble of students in the big house or the local recluse and his enigmatic brother? What about the embittered locals resentful of incomers buying up the village? And who is the extraordinary female, institutionalised in the South of France as a child, who reflects on her past as the story unfolds?

Then a brutal attack on one of their own shocks Treloar’s team, switching their focus in an unexpected direction and a long-held grievance based on a heartfelt, perceived injustice surfaces. 

Rogue Flamingo transpires over the course of three weeks in July on the south coast of Cornwall, England. But running in parallel are flashbacks to episodes taking place in the south of France in the murderous childhood of an intriguing, unidentified girl who could be almost any one of the female characters to emerge in the main story.

The Treloar family homelands in Broken Dove 
The Valley of the Tides from Silent Gull